Izmir to Istanbul between three and a half hours

Izmir-Istanbul will reduce to 3,5 hours of cross-Gebze-Izmir highway Orhangazi, Turkey's third largest city, will reportedly make a big change in economic and social life of Izmir.
It was stated that many sectors, especially construction, will revive, transportation costs will decrease, businessmen from Izmir will reach Istanbul and Europe more frequently, the city will receive more investments and attract more tourists.
Turkey's largest food of exports Aegean Region in which exports will contribute greatly to the highway, race against time food products will provide great benefits to exporters, the highway is not just two cities was recorded at the same time the Aegean and will connect the Marmara economy.
Ekrem Demirtaş, Chairman of the Board of Izmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO), will create an accelerating effect for the growth of the Izmir economy, because it is a way to connect İzmir not only to Istanbul but also to Europe with its connections. reported that the project is in position.
Demirtaş, who said “İzmir was a dead end for years”, firstly that Adnan Menderes Airport was renewed and flights were made to close to 50 points at home and abroad, and then a decision was made to construct the cruise port, and now the land-air-sea triangle will be completed with the construction of this highway. he stressed.
Demirtaş said, “Thanks to this road, İzmir will be reached much more easily. It will make great contributions to our tourism and trade. This project was one of our biggest dreams, we are very happy to make it happen. ”
Reminding the promise of the Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım to start the construction of the road from Izmir and Istanbul simultaneously, Demirtaş stated that if the construction starts simultaneously, the number of people employed in İzmir will increase and many sub-sectors, especially the construction sector, will be positively affected. Demirtaş said, “If this road starts from İzmir first, the section that will extend from Manisa to Balikesir will already work hard and will create serious financing. The settlements in Izmir and its surroundings used to eat bread from the highway project ”.
Istanbul to be lowered in a much shorter time to reach the shipping costs, businessmen more often would reach Istanbul and Europe, the city of more investment credit, Demirtas voicing attract more tourists, "Istanbul and its hinterland, one out of every five people in Turkey a region where he lives. Turkey will live the advantages of being close to the most important city economically. The shorter the transportation time spent from one place to a desired location, the greater the attraction of the destination. Thanks to the short transportation time, we will get rid of unnecessary time loss. ”
Reminding that İzmir is one of the most important regions in terms of tourism, there are tens of thousands of summer and summer resorts in the region apart from many hotels.
”Some of the owners of the cottages live in the Marmara Region. They use their summer houses in 1-2 months of the year. The rest of the year remains closed and remains idle. The reason why the cottages are empty for so long is that the transportation time to Izmir and its vicinity lasts more than 10 hours. Even if they want to use the cottages on weekends outside of summer, on holidays and in good weather, they are not preferred, since at least two days must pass on the road. If the transportation time is reduced to a minimum, we will be closer to the target of 12 months tourism in İzmir. In this way, our tourism centers such as Seferihisar, Foça, Dikili and Bergama, especially Çeşme, will have the opportunity to attract more tourists. In addition, people who come to the region shop here, buy food products for food, and the local shopkeepers and farmers will gain significant income. ”

Source: sabah



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