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TCDD Communication Line
TCDD Communication Line

The Tekirdağ - Muratlı line, which is planned to be used mainly in freight transportation, laughed at the industrialists who had a facility close to the railway, but it was not enough to save the owners who did not have a direct connection to the railway from trucks and trucks. Other feet of the project must be completed to save the industrialists from the highway. Connecting to Europe via railway and Ro-Ro lines, Akport is negotiating with Bandırma Port to bring the trucks from the sea without introducing them to Marmara traffic.

The Tekirdağ-Muratlı line, where Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdoğan opened, is viewed as a project that will affect the daily life of the Istanbul people as well as the industrialists in the region. Reason; Since the railway line is a port link, the industrialists in Anatolia will prefer to send the loads from Bandırma Port instead of the highway. According to the Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim, trucks will be able to travel from Bandirma to Tekirdag and from there to Europe by getting rid of the long, tiring line of 600 kilometers from Izmir, Manisa, Aydin and Balikesir. The General Manager of Akport Port, Serdar Sözeri, thinks otherwise. Sözeri said that the new line would not make everyone happy, and underlined that the railway has passed away from industrial facilities and there are no freight loading overlay platforms. . Bosch and Simens are taking an advantageous position here. Because there are railroads into those facilities. But Arçelik has no railway connection. Only the Bosch-owned section of the organized industry is entering the railway. Railroad passes near Hyundai, but there is no railway fork. And there are many more examples like this, Ve he says.

Saying that railway transportation is a matter of culture and habit, Sözeri said terek We are working on this issue with TCDD and continued: ğ We are trying to encourage the industrialist. The disadvantages and advantages of the railway are still being debated. The container needs to be used for the railroad. When you look at the industrial facilities in Tekirdağ, this work must be organized and imposed on people as a culture. We need to do this with the state. We are partnering with TCDD because TCDD is currently playing at prices. We currently have time and price disadvantage. Since the truck does not enter the industry, the load to go to Çorlu will land in Muratlı, it will ride on a truck again and go. I need a good analysis. The advantageous Bosch and Simens are now making a great effort to use our port. They predict him in tenders. I guess we'il start using this railway with them. We're seeing cement and glass facilities. We plan to take the bulk of the burden. ''

Lim We are meeting with Bandırma port ”

Minister Yildirim, the new line, 'Loads, from Bandirma ferry to Tekirdag, from here to Europe, then from Edirne to Tekirdağ Akport Port, from here to Derince to connect to the main railway network and again Bandırma imports from the Aegean will be moved to export '' the words we reminded, '' Bandırma Port is talking with. It is very difficult to set up the rail of the railroad for the railway ramp at Bandırma Port. But when you make the railway ramp, you will transfer the loads coming from Anatolia and the Aegean to Tekirdağ directly by rail ın. Saying that despite the shortcomings, the new line will have a great return to Akport Port, Sözeri stated that with the connection of the railway, the port has reached the capacity to provide adequate service and that being the only private port of Marmara connecting with the railway will provide a great advantage. Sözeri continued: san The railway will provide us with a lot of money and also create a cost advantage for industrialists. We will be able to take the loads of Istanbul with the new way. When you download a load to Ambarlı HalkalıYou pay a cost to take. However, from Tekirdağ HalkalıYou are paying a lower cost to take to. '

Currently there are 5 departures, 5 arrival flights to Muratlı and the line will be mainly used for freight transportation. In addition, the main train from Muratli to Tekirdag or Istanbul in the direction of Edirne is connected. The fact that UND launches regular RO-RO flights from the port to Italy and France further increases the importance of Akport for industrialists.

ÇOSB Regional Manager: Advantage increases if link is provided

The facility on 190 Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone (ÇOSB) management in the industrial zone to connect the railway line has rolled up. Tekirdağ-Muratlı railway line provides many advantages over time and financial aspects ÇOSB Regional Manager Mehmet Özdogan, railways in the industrial zone with the extension of these advantages would be much larger, he added. Özdoğan reminded that there is an intense salt transportation from Anatolia to the region and that the owners of the trucks, which carry the salt with trucks, have to pay three times the transportation price, but they will provide great savings on the transportation costs of the companies by the introduction of the railway. Özdoğan said that they are still in talks with TCDD. Devam I hope that the connection between the industrial zone and the railway will be ensured until the 2-3 year T.

Bosch and Simens are advantageous companies

Çerkezköy Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH), the world's third largest white goods producer with a production facility in the Organized Industrial Zone, are among the few companies that will benefit most from the Tekirdağ-Muratlı line. BSH, which has a railway connection within the industrial facility, will be able to transfer the load from Akport Port to the production facility located directly on the ÇOSB with the newly opened rail line without the need for a second transport mode. Philipp Kipper, Logistics Director of BSH Home Appliances, stated that they want to use Akport Port and continue to use this new line. Kipper, the main reason for wanting to use the railway line before the cost and time advantage of the railway is a more sensitive mode of transport is due to the environment, he said.

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