Rize Mardin Line to be laid on the table

Turkey's northern part will unite to the south, to ensure the connection with the Black Sea, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Rize-Mardin Mardin Chamber of Commerce to provide support to the motorway project (MTSO), will bring together the 15 Room Chairman.
When the Rize-Mardin motorway is completed by the Ministry of Transport, the Rize-Mardin motorway will be connected to the Black Sea and East and Southeast Anatolia regions, and thus to the Caucasus and Middle East Anatolia. The most important part of the approximately 2023 kilometer highway, which is believed to provide significant economic, social and political gains, is the ağ Ovit Mountain Tunnel yaklaşık project with an altitude of 450 between Ikizdere district of Rize and Ispir districts of Erzurum. The tunnel project this year
Started in January. The project is planned to be completed by the end of the year. In the 2011 when the tender is expected to be completed mount ovit tunnel will be Turkey's longest tunnel with a length of about 12 kilometers.
15 will benefit
Rize-Mardin motorway route and around the 15 province is located. MTSO, who wants to create public opinion in order to start the construction of the road and to make the planned date for the completion of the road, will bring together the chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the said provinces in Mardin. 17 September 2010 meeting will be held in Mardin and Rize, as well as Erzurum, Bingol, Mus, Bitlis, Agri, Igdir, Sirnak, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Van, Tunceli, Batman, Siirt and Hakkari Trade and Industry
The chairmen and members of the Board of Directors will attend. MTSO Chairman Mehmet Ali Tutaşı, said in a statement, the idea of ​​the Rize-Mardin highway project since the history of the road route of the dignitaries of the provinces, he said. Reminding that the managers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the motorway route and the surrounding provinces met for the first time in Ankara in order to exchange views for the construction of the road, Tutaşı, in order to increase communication between the
Mardin said they would meet.
Rize-Mardin road of and next to the economic importance for Turkey, social and political sense, Tutaşı pointed out that it has a great significance, "We are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the country in our division, we do not want to live fragmentation. We have hand in hand, we are very determined about this and we will make this way and we will ensure that our regions will be happy. The efforts of all our friends and of our Chamber Chairmen are in this direction. All we want from the government is to take the 2011 program
it will be finished in a short time. kısa
Emphasizing that Rize-Mardin highway will have a very important return in terms of economic, tourism and social aspects of people's fusion with each other, Tutaşı said, ıs We need to unite not only the east and the west but also the north and south by making motorways. We believe that the 2023 year target for the end of the road is too late, we want it to be taken earlier. We are trying to create public opinion as soon as the managers of the chamber of industry and commerce will be completed. Together this
we started work to bring the road to life as soon as possible. If it Includes Path government, although 2023 strategic plan also eventually that 2023's too late for this job, because not only commercial space in this way, Turkey's unity and it is also very important for the integrity of the country's economy and completion initiated a moment ago We saw that it was very important for its political life and gathered in Rize to start this business. The importance of the road to the public very well and very serious printing
We need to create the element. We also know the importance of the government to the Prime Minister and the targets for divided roads. We know how important the road is to develop. In this sense, we know that the Prime Minister will also have an interest in the government. The road should be planned this year, the next year must be tender. Rize-Mardin motorway from one side of the port of İskenderun to the ports of Trabzon and Rize for the comfortable movement of all goods from there, such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Georgia and Azerbaijan
There will be a way for markets that are very important for our region. Apart from that, we know that the country is undergoing serious problems. This way the political division of Turkey in this sense, Turkey will eliminate the division of the soul. This path will also be a way of love to unite hearts. The most important problem of our people is the lack of dialogue and not understanding each other. If we can understand each other better, we will be afraid that our problems are not really important.
there is no better case. The development of this way of tourism, but also for Turkey's integrity is important, "he said.
Eli This concrete development is very important for us. The first time the project entered the state's records, the Republic's 2010. to be completed until the year. Rize-Mardin motorway is not only a project of Mardin's Rize but also a country project. In addition to the commercial meaning of this road, there is a social and political side. The integration of the regions, the embrace of people, the mutual recognition of each other
Rize-Mardin highway for the 'Rize-Mardin Love Road' we've put our name, '' he said.
Stating that the tender for the Ovit Mountain Tunnel is planned to be held in 2011, Tutaşı said, getiren We are now striving for the tendering and implementation of the tender. I think this will be auctioned in 2011. All our wish is in this direction. Currently the largest project on the road is the Ovit Mountain Tunnel. Already in the town of Ikizdere Rize upwards double road works began. Double road works started in Erzurum. Already for the Rize-Mardin highway part of the work is done, ardin he said.

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