KadıköyEagle Rail Mass Transport System

Undertaken by the partnership including Yüksel İnşaat Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Project has a total length of 8.888 m. Kadıköy The square starts from Rıhtım Caddesi and follows İbrahimağa Street, reaches the E-5 highway at Koşuyolu locality, and this road runs parallel to the corridor and ends in Kartal. Expansion of the tunnels built within the scope of the project is as follows: 12.328 m (6.164 x 2) drilling tunnel (EPB-TBM) and 5.448 m (2,724 x 2) deep tunnel (NATM) production. The project also includes the excavation, support and design works of 7m1 platform tunnels under 2 deep tunnel stations (6 3-tube, 500.934 3-tube) underground.


Employer Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality İETT General Directorate

Work Place Istanbul / Turkey

Start Date 28 January 2005

End Date 14 September 2010

Source : www.yuksel.net



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