Arınç Opens the Bitlis Ring Road and Tunnel

State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç opened the ring road and the 2003 August tunnel, the construction of which started in 8 in Bitlis.
Arınç, who opened the ring road and tunnel, wished that they had opened a very nice facility and that the road would be beneficial for Bitlis' economy, transportation, and our people's financial and moral development. Arınç stated that they have done and will continue to do hard work for Bitlis with investments in roads, hospitals, schools, healthcare and so on. “The figures of the past are obvious, while the amount of investment made in Bitlis was only 1998 million lira in 47 and before, since 2003. the amount of investment made in Bitlis since 540 million pounds. In other words, we have invested 14 miles more than what has been done in the past. Today, we have done a very important job in terms of transportation and comforting the city. When our government came to power, it was our first minister of public works and Mr. Zeki Ergezen, who successfully carried out this task for 6 years. Our government had only one claim about the road, we said that we will travel 15 thousand kilometers. So we said we're going to make a split 4 lane double road, nobody believed. They said you are dreaming. We travel 15 thousand kilometers
we did. Turkey's east to west, north to south, wherever you look, you will see or will see ongoing road works or ways of ending. Not contented with them on each side of the highway in Turkey are doing. We developed our railways. Surat trains have been put into service and will develop even more. We have also worked differently on airways and seaways and will continue ”.
Saying that they made roads and tunnels to cross the mountains, Arınç said, “The road is civilization, it is like capillaries in the human body. The economy depends on the road. What you can produce, what you can consume, what you can sell, what you can go, what you can run without transportation. This ring road cost us 171 million. We took it from you, we did not steal it, we did not eat it, we did not feed it, we gave it to the service of our nation. It was a beautiful way, good luck. As you support and trust us, we are the lord of the nation
We will not be, we will be the servant of the nation ”.
Governor Nurettin Yılmaz stated that Bitlis has been experiencing road difficulties for years and said, “We followed the traffic flow, especially in the winter months, leaving the traffic crew on both ends of the road, half an hour and half an hour. There were troubles, but only Bitlis people did not experience this problem. Everyone, including truck, truck and bus drivers and passengers passing through this road, experienced this problem. These troubles have ended today. This road will be a bright road for the bright future of Bitlis. ”
Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Manager of Highways, whose foundation dates back to 2000 BC and has hosted many civilizations, stated that our country was in an important position in terms of regional and international transportation, also added the Bitlis ring road south and west regions, East Anatolia and the east. He said that he was on the highway route connecting our border gates. Due to the developments in the region and our increasing relations with neighboring countries, Bitlis is present in the center.
Turhan said that the road could not meet the increasing traffic demand, and that the Bitlis ring road project had to be put into service as soon as possible, “Turhan, whose total length was 12 kilometers and started in 2003, was divided into a 1947 meter long tunnel and a 307 meter long viaduct. completed. In Bitlis, which is stuck in the valley in terms of its land structure, the ring road is completed and put into service, and transit traffic and city traffic are separated from the city.
traffic density will be reduced and traffic safety will be maximized. In addition, the difficulties experienced on the road in winter will be eliminated and the road users will be provided with a safe, comfortable and economical travel. Within the scope of this project, 3 million 350 cubic meters of excavation, 2 million 211 thousand fillings, 164 thousand cubic meters of non-ferrous concrete, 87 thousand cubic meters of ferrous concrete, 154 thousand cubic meters of sub-tunnel and 30 thousand cubic meters of foundation were used.
After the opening of the ring road and the tunnel, Minister Arinc and his associates opened their iftar in a facility located in the area of ​​Beekeepers. Then, Minister Arınç, who went to Tatvan district, performed the tarawih prayer from the Ibadullah Mosque. Arınç, who went to Palestine Park, drink tea and sohbet did. Abdulbari Aksoy, President of the Association of Ibadullah Mosque Construction, Maintenance and Outbuildings, presented Arinc with pictures of the mosque and Tatvan. Arınç went to rest to spend the night in the Polisevi.

Source: IHA


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