TCCD Logistics will set up a village and employ thousands of people

turkey logistic centers map
turkey logistic centers map

TCDD will establish 200 logistics villages, each worth 15 million dollars. Logistics centers that will create jobs for tens of thousands of people will be built by the private sector. Turkey is accelerating its efforts to establish a logistics center to activate its 60 billion dollar logistics potential. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will establish logistics villages in 15 regions, providing both the access of producers to the market and being a freight bridge between the east and west of Turkey. Logistic villages will bring momentum to the economy in many aspects, from the construction of the facilities inside, to the construction of roads, to the added value they will create for the region.

Areas where logistics centers, logistics and transportation companies are located, which have active connections to all kinds of transportation modes and where activities such as storage, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading, weighing, dividing loads, combining, packaging are carried out. These centers are also considered attractive due to their low cost, fast, safe, transfer area and equipment among the modes of transportation. Prepared according to the national strategy is scheduled to be logistic base in Turkey.


Within the scope of this master plan, TCDD will establish logistics centers at 15 points of different scales. These centers are; Hadımköy (Istanbul), Muallimköy (Istanbul), Menderes (Izmir), Candarli (Izmir), Kosekoy (Izmit), Gelemen (Samsun), Hasanbey (Eskisehir), Bogazköprü (Kayseri), Gokkoy (Balikesir), Yenice (Mersin), They are listed as Uşak, Palandöken (Erzurum), Kayacık (Konya), Kaklık (Denizli) and Bozüyük (Bilecik). It is stated that these logistics centers will create an additional transportation opportunity of approximately 10 million tons per year for the Turkish logistics sector. With these centers, road-railway integration will be ensured. Railway transfer, stock and maneuver areas are planned to be built by TCDD, while warehouse and other logistics areas are planned to be built by the private sector.

3 Billion Dollar Investment

The total amount of giant projects prepared by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and his team reaches 3 billion dollars. There will be duty-free warehouses, vegetable and fruit market, accommodation facilities, logistics company offices, bank branches and hospitals in the villages to be established. – Source Morning

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