First Step in Scientific Solution to Traffic Problem

The first giant step was taken by the Transport, Application and Research Center affiliated to Bahçeşehir University to resolve the traffic congestion in the city's only main artery in the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir, especially during the tourism season.
The previous day, upon the invitation of Ayvalık Deputy Mayor Fatih Ayyürek, Bahçeşehir University Faculty Member, Transportation, Application and Research Center President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı had a meeting with Ayvalık Mayor Hasan Bülent Türközen which lasted about two hours. Türközen stated that a 'scientific solution' is needed for the solution of the traffic problem, which has become impenetrable to pedestrians, especially during the tourism season, in the last municipal council meeting, and took the first step in this regard and Chief Advisor Prof. Dr. He exchanged ideas with Mustafa Ilıcalı.
Sohbet CHP Municipal Council members of Ayvalık Municipality also attended the meeting. Turkey's largest metropolis in the day when the flow of traffic in Istanbul to take control of the mission known since Prof. Dr.
Mustafa Ilıcalı and the Transport, Application and Research Center team of Bahçeşehir University, known as UYGAR, recently stated that they are about to implement the project they prepared in Bodrum, one of the most important centers of tourism in our country.
During the meeting held in Türközen's office, Prof. Dr. It was observed that an agreement was reached in principle for solving the traffic problem of Mustafa Ilıcalı in Ayvalık. After the meeting, Bahçeşehir University Transportation, Application and Research Center President and lecturer Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı said, “I think we can make great contributions to the solution of the traffic problem that stands out in the summer season in Ayvalık. This problem is not an issue that can be resolved within a month. But, based on our 30 years of experience, I can easily say that even one month of work can yield very comforting results in resolving the traffic ”.
Ilıcalı said, “In our meeting with our dear Mayor, the name of the only main artery of the district divided into two by medians means“ Divided Road ”.
For a road to be divided, there must be two lanes on each side. For this, there must be a 13-meter width between the two sides of the road. According to my impressions in Ayvalık, both sides of the main artery are only 9 meters wide, so we need to think about pedestrian sidewalks and stops while separating the road from the median. Therefore, in my opinion, splitting the road in the first place is not the solution. Therefore, since we are undertaking such a work in Ayvalık, we first need to observe the traffic of the district, which intensifies with the tourism season in June. After these observations, we will evaluate all options, including the one-way application. However, for us, the priority in such solutions is to ease the pedestrian traffic ”.
Head of Traffic and Transportation, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı said, “We have started to implement our projects that we started a while ago in Bodrum, which is faced with the problem of traffic flow that intensifies during the tourism season like Ayvalık. They work together with the municipal teams in our own experts at every stage of the project implementation. These works have already started to show themselves positively in Bodrum. We can also apply the Bodrum model in Ayvalık. But first we need to observe the problem, ”he said.
When coming to Ayvalık from Edremit direction, Ilıcalı stated that the intersection at the entrance to Ayvalık from İzmir road is extremely uncontrolled and said, “When we start our work with our teams within our university, we will start with measures that will prevent the traffic problem in the district from causing fatal accidents at the intersections”.
Noting that the solutions of traffic problems require expertise, Ilıcalı said, “Municipalities do not have such a staff. Moreover, municipalities do not have that many employees. There are very few people in our country who specialize in their own field like us. Universities are also the task of producing projects and providing services. As a result, municipalities can neither find enough staff nor time to solve these problems. At this point, they receive service from us. This is what Ayvalık Municipality does today. As far as I can see, the traffic problem in Ayvalık can be solved to a large extent, if not 100 percent ”.
Noting that the traffic problem in Ayvalık has been discussed and discussed for years, Ayvalık Mayor Hasan Bülent Türközen said, “This problem has always existed since I knew myself. I expressed my belief that a scientific method should be applied to the solution of the problem, as everywhere, at the last parliamentary meeting. Bahçeşehir University Transportation, Application and Research Center President Prof. Dr. It is a good reference for us that Mustafa Ilıcalı started to apply such a study in Bodrum before us. We found it appropriate to do such a study with Mr. Ilıcalı and his team. We will discuss the traffic problem of Ayvalık on the table by making plans for the short-term solution before the medium and long term solutions with Mr. Ilıcalı.

Source: IHA


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