Bursa Nostalgic Tram Arrives

bursa nostalgic tram
bursa nostalgic tram

Bursa Nostalgic Tram Arrived: The first of the nostalgia tram that will be used or even to be used on Cumhuriyet Street in the city center, from the regions with the highest traffic in Bursa, has come to Bursa. It was built in the German Fuchs Factory in 1952 and has been in Istanbul for 3 years. Kadıköy- The nostalgic tram used in the fashion line was taken into maintenance in the hangar of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Bus Company.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized the determination of public transportation within the city by tram lines and said that this project will be implemented between Cumhuriyet Street and Kamberler Park.

President Altepe, the tram line to be headed on the Republic Street 3 nostalgic tram will come to Bursa, the 2 will work in mutual, one of them will be in the reserve, stating, desi The first came from the tram today. Maintenance and repair will be done. Both rails will be laid this summer and ground works will be carried out. While the line work is going on, the building facades on the street will be handled. Impurities outside the buildings will be removed, signage pollution will be terminated. Cumhuriyet Street will be an example street.

”Bursa will have a contemporary identity“

Altepe, Cumhuriyet Street, Altepe, Altinpark and Altiparmak will be held in other streets. While the streets are being restored, tram lines will be laid and Bursa will have a modern identity. Transportation within the city will be provided by modern vehicles. Bursa will be free of noise and air pollution.

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