Free Ski Lessons

Children in the Army Will Meet Skiing
Children in the Army Will Meet Skiing

While winter sports are developing day by day in Eastern Anatolia, where social activities are scarce, free ski lessons are offered to those who wish in Ahlat district of Bitlis.

Ahlat Winter Sports and Water Sports Association President Deniz Balaman stated that social activities come to a halt especially in winter, and skiing is a great chance for the local people. Stating that the desire to slip from 7 to 70 has blossomed in the district and it is pleasing to do so, Mayor Balaman said, “As an association, we started to give free ski lessons to everyone who wanted to make skiing love. Our aim is to make skiing love and to train athletes for the ski national team. In this context, it is our greatest desire to make people love skiing in our region, to create a social and sportive activity area for our youth, and to be a step for our children to enter the ski national team. Our work in this direction will continue.

We will not withhold this support until ski lovers learn. And definitely, there will be no charge for this service. I see the interest shown in skiing as gratifying. In short, I say it is from you to teach it from you, ”he said.

Ski lovers are happy to learn how to slip free, such activities will be the cause of the rapid spread of the problem of skiing in the region expressed their satisfaction.

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