Second Stage Completed in Cable Tender Auction

The second phase of the cable car tender, which was to be established by the Şahinbey Municipality in Gaziantep, was attended by three companies.
The second phase of the tender for the installation of a cable car to the Şahinbey park under the chairmanship of Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu in the Şahinbey Municipality Council Hall has been completed. Reminding that the competence determination of the firms, which are the first stage of the tender for the cable car to be established, has been made before, President Tahmazoğlu said,
we opened it before him. Our companies provide technical information about their products. Our cable car to be installed in Şahinbey park is 800 meters long and will be in the form of round trip. Since the cable car system we will install will be a last system application, the system will not be stopped during landings and boardings. Gondolas with a capacity of eight people will be removed and fitted when requested. ”

Source: lov


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