Snowboarder Lost in the Fog Rescued

One of the important centers of winter tourism in Uludağ, the young man with a snowboard lost due to fog was rescued by the gendarmerie search and rescue teams. Gendarmerie teams, who determined the location of the Istanbul finance manager by throwing flares, offered hot drinks to the young people they saved.

According to information obtained, Onur Çotur (30), who came to the summit for the holiday, went to the top with teleski. Çotur, who lost his direction due to fog in the forest area while snowboarding, called a friend in the Hotels Region by mobile phone and reported the situation. The search and rescue team at the gendarmerie where Onur Çotur disappeared was informed. The gendarmerie contacted the panic-stricken youth and told him not to leave his place. The team with 5 snow engines started from the summit and scanned the forest area. Continuing to search on foot due to heavy snow, the teams used flares.

Onur Çotur was rescued in about half an hour and put into snow engine. Çotur thanked the gendarme teams who rescued him. Cotur, who is in good health, was taken to the hotel where he stayed after having been offered a hot drink.



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