Children in the Army Will Meet Skiing
13 Bitlis

Free Ski Lessons

While winter sports are developing day by day in Eastern Anatolia, where social activities are scarce, free ski lessons are given to those who wish in Ahlat district of Bitlis. Ahlat Winter Sports and Water Sports Association President Deniz Balaman [more…]


Snowboarder Lost in the Fog Rescued

Snowboarding young man who disappeared due to fog in Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, was rescued by the gendarmerie search and rescue teams. Detecting the location of the finance manager in Istanbul by throwing a flare, the gendarmerie teams offered hot drinks to the young rescued. According to the information obtained, [more…]

18 Cankiri

Intercollegiate Skiing Started at Ilgaz

Intercollegiate Cross-country Skiing Competitions started at Ilgaz Mountain Yıldıztepe Ski Center. The races, which were started by Çankırı Governor Şemsettin Uzun, will end on February 18, 2010. Turkey University Sports Federation Authorized Assoc. Dr. Ismet Sayhan, Ilgaz's natural [more…]


Snowstorm stopped ski lifts in Uludağ

In Uludağ, one of the favorite centers of winter tourism, chair lifts and telescopes were not operated due to the snowstorm. visibility of the important holiday destinations in Turkey's Uludag fall up to 1 m, snowstorm has increased its influence. Authorities, in order to prevent vacationers from getting lost, [more…]

ownerey park cable car
27 Gaziantep

Second Stage Completed in Gaziantep Şahinbey Cable Car Tender

The second phase of the cable car tender, which will be established by the central district of Gaziantep, Şahinbey Municipality and in which three companies participated, was held. In the Şahinbey Municipality Council Hall, under the presidency of Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, the second tender was held for the establishment of a cable car in Şahinbey park. [more…]