Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Altepe's Bursa trams

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Altepe Bursa as a solution to the traffic problem in the city, 8 mentioned the separate tram line and explained the routes as follows:

  1. Central Garage-Sculpture line: City Square - Atatürk Stadium-Altiparmak-Ataturk Street-Inonu Caddesi and Uluyol-Kent Square route will be a total of 5 thousand 927 meters. The cost of the line that is expected to be transported on average 39 thousand passengers per day is also 10.6 million euros.
  2. Pınarbaşı-İpekçilik 3 thousand 164 meters will be the length.

  3. Lightning Line starts at the corner of Camberler Historical Park on Gökdere. The passenger capacity in this line is planned as 51 500 on average per day.

  4. The Terminal Line is planned to reach the terminal via Yalova Road and extend from there to Demirtaş. The line, which is 8 thousand 612 meters long, is expected to carry an average of 66 thousand 750 passengers a day.

  5. The Nilüfer Line is the 8 bin 350 meter line which will provide transportation within the Nilufer region and also provides access to the city center and will be integrated with the Bursaray system.

  6. The Grasshopper Line, the 4 bin will be 783 meters long, and will work between the Grasshopper-Sculpture.

  7. Dikkaldırım-Beşevler line.

  8. The line which includes the Kükürtlü, Soğanlı, Beşyol and Atıcılar neighborhoods, called the Ankara Road Collecting Line.

It is nice to think of 8 lines at a time, and it will be very difficult to start all of them as cost, because on the one hand, the construction of the other stages of Bursaray continues as far as I know. I wrote a little angry somewhere in the past, saying that I will make a rail system that opens its mouth, aside from making this statement a premium, there is no obstacle not to be made if managers who are aware that there is a real need. I do not know Bursa very well, but I will try to paint these lines on the map. Let's see what will come out. As you know, he talked about making 4-5 tram lines in İzmir, but again, there were disconnected lines. Let's see what Bursa thinks.

  1. Power Plant Garage-Sculpture line: dark blue
  2. Pınarbaşı-İpekçilik: red
  3. Lightning Line: olive green
  4. Terminal Line,: dirty yellow
  5. Nilufer Line, No
  6. Grasshopper Line,: green
  7. Dikkaltırım-Beşevler line: turquoise
  8. Ankara Road Collecting Line: magenta

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