Annual Report of TULOMSAS 2008

It is a commercial company established in Eskişehir to meet the locomotive needs of TCDD, a subsidiary of TCDD. a milestone in Turkey's industrialization. The company's headquarters and factory are located in Eskişehir.

TÜLOMSAŞ serves as the locomotive of Turkish heavy industry with its various types of locomotives, railway maintenance vehicles, bojili freight wagons, various types of diesel engines, alternators, traction motors, steel and cast iron production capacity. Up to today (July 2009), various types of locomotives of 800 units and 9.000 units of various types of cargo containers are produced. Repair and repair of other railway vehicles and equipment are also carried out.

SETTING: 176.000 m2 has a total 324.000 m2 residential area with a closed 500.000 m2 open.

PRODUCTION: The company is composed of 4 Main Factory, 2 Support Factory and 1 Auxiliary Production Plant, which is locomotive, engine, electric machines and wagon. Around 10, with its Bench Capacity, it manufactures Locomotives, Trains, Diesel Engines and Freight Wagons in European standards.

SOFTWARE: Computer-aided design programs such as Solid Works, Autocad are actively used in the company. The implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Project has been initiated and its live use is still active.

TÜLOMSAŞ can download the 2008 annual report by clicking here.

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