TCDD will invest 3 million YTL and organize 300 level crossings

TCDD will invest 3 million YTL and organize 300 level crossings: TCDD took action to prevent accidents at level crossings. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the highway infrastructure over 300 level crossings will be renewed this year and that they will invest 3 million YTL this year for levelless crossings without accidents. State Railways aims to enable vehicles to leave the passageways quickly in areas with high traffic flow by regulating on road infrastructure.

TCDD General Manager Karaman, who made an evaluation to the WORLD on the subject, stated that they have started a new project to prevent level crossing accidents and that they will make the road more comfortable by laying a specially designed material on the highways where the gates are located. Pointing out that level crossing accidents are generally caused by the vehicles passing through the roads that have been damaged by decreasing the speed, Karaman pointed out that they have started work in areas with high traffic density and that the road infrastructure over 300 level crossings will be renewed this year. Expressing that especially heavy tonnage cars and trucks pass through the level crossings where the roads are broken, Karaman said, “While the vehicle is trying to pass, the train is causing an accident. In fact, the institutions that make the road infrastructure are the ones that should produce solutions here. However, as TCDD, we decided to renew the infrastructure here because it could not be done as it should be. ”

2007 139 level crossing accident occurred in the year expressing Karaman, the accident rate decreased compared to previous years, said they aim to pull down this figure further with the measures taken. Studies will be completed this year For more comfortable and accident-free crossings, this year, underlining 3 million to invest in Karaman, the traffic density of the regions with high priority in this year, the 300 level crossing of concrete plaque will be paved road will be laid. Karaman, 7 40 80 tonnage-resistant cross-sectional cross-section within the separate regional management of concrete plate coverings will be resistant and XNUMX years will be placed by expressing the express, so that the level of highway vehicles entering the level crossing can be separated from the passage at a certain speed before the train said.

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