9. UITP Light Rail Systems Conference to be held

Environmental problems and global warming are getting more and more of the world agenda. Our societies face increasing problems. Senior executives around the world have entered into a voluntary activity to improve and maintain quality of life worldwide. While encouraging public transport is the main issue, electric transport systems have become particularly effective and attractive solutions. Among these options, light rail systems have been an effective solution for many cities around the world. Light rail systems are quiet, energy efficient, producing very little emissions and are a very successful way of driving private vehicle drivers to public transport.

XITX will be held in June in 2008 Light Rail Systems Conference UITP; The industry's leading experts, new members, engineers and decision makers in the field of transportation are invited to discuss all aspects of Light Rail Systems in their unique area of ​​expertise. This conference; It has a comprehensive framework that includes original experiences and the latest developments in this field, together with applications aimed at providing environmentally friendly, high quality and cost-effective light rail systems.

The election of Istanbul for the conference is not coincidental: the first light rail line in Istanbul was opened at the head of the 1990 and since then the rail system has become a solution for traffic congestion in this mega-city, with the population coming close to the 15 million. The 53 6 km 720,000, which consists of subway, light metro and tram, is transported by XNUMX passengers every day. Although the system works at full capacity, the city is not completely surrounded by rails. However, with the steady efforts of Istanbul Transport, the present situation will be improved with future projects.

Light Rail Systems for Conference More Livable Cities! Global Solutions for the Changing World consists of 8 sections within the framework of its main theme. Simultaneous translation will be available in English, German, French and Spanish. Conversations at the conference should include one of the following topics:

UITP - Hans Rat - Secretary General
UITP - Slaven Tica - Managing Director, GSP Beograd
Head of UITP Light Rail Systems Division
Istanbul Transportation - Ömer Yıldız - General Manager

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