Ropeway Excitement of Village Students

For the first time, the village children who left their villages in Samsun rode on the cable car, saw the sea for the first time and visited the city.
2007-2008 school programs began less than a few years before the end of the school year. School administrations, especially for students studying in village schools, organize travel programs and contribute to the socio-cultural development of students. The students of the Kuzgunkayası Primary School in Kuruçay village of Vezirköprü were separated from their villages for the first time and came to the city center. Under the guidance of their teachers, Westpark and 60 students were able to explore the Amisos Tumens. The thing that excited the students on the trip was the cable car. Students riding the ropeway offered by the Metropolitan Municipality, the excited moments lived. Students who love the lift, said they wanted to ride more. Students can see the city and the sea from the high ropeway, then continued to city trips.

Source: lov


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