Type 5700 Fiat Mototren (Photo Gallery)

The locomotive is a machine driven by steam or a motor used to pull a carriage array on rails. It was taken from the locomotives in French.

Railway systems were established in the 16th century, but wagons were pulled with animal power for 200 years, in 1804, in the southern part of the Wales region (England), Richard Trevithick developed a steam locomotive. Although this locomotive has broken some of the mines of cast iron, it has proven that steam power can be used in pulling the wagons, steam production can be accelerated by using exhaust steam coming out of the chimney to revive the fire, and after that date, locomotives continuously transmit the driving power of smooth surface wheels. developed.

Engine Power: 560 BG
Year of construction: 1993
Series Organization: Single Wagon
Production: 30



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