About BursaRay B Light Rail System Etap 2

BursaRay B Light Rail System Stage 2: Bursa, an industrial city 250 km away from Istanbul, is one of the main focal points of Tekfen. The project, which covers the construction works of the Bursaray B Light Rail System Stage 2, was given to the Tekfen - Siemens Consortium by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

The project, which is part of the Bursaray project, includes the construction of a two-line railway, called the B Line, of a two-line railway with an length of 4857 m, an underground station, a underground station with underground and four level stations. There will be two emergency exits of the 1033 m-long tunnel, which will be constructed by opening / closing method to the west side of Gökdere Station.

The project also includes the construction of a viaduct on the foot of 460 and 12 in 2 m length in Gökdere.

Tekfen Engineering carried out both basic and detailed architecture and construction, machinery and electrical engineering works for all of its business items.

Major Figures

Excavation: 239.285 m3
Reinforced Concrete: 77.525 m3
Filling: 112.441 m3
Paint: 17.829 m2
Brick Wall: 366 m3
Rail trim: 9,714 m

Source : http://www.tekfenmuhendislik.com



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