Aksaray - Airport Light Metro

Phase I Aksaray-Bus Terminal, II. The construction of the 18.4 km Yenibosna Airport was planned to be constructed in order to integrate the light rail system of the Otogar-Yenibosna Line 1,934 km to the Atatürk Airport and to integrate the Istanbul rail systems into the outside world.

When the light metro system reaches to the airport, it is ensured that the average 300 and 500 airplane landing and take-off, and the 35.000 and 55.000 passengers enter and exit from the airport.

The airport is now easily accessible even in case of adverse weather conditions or traffic accidents.

1. Station: World Trade Center (DTM)
2. Station: Ataturk Airport

Through the DTM Station, the World Trade Center contributes to the high density and fast access of people to Mydonose Showland and the CNR Expo Fair.

Our Administration; Working in coordination with the State Airports Authority, it has designed the Airport Station in a way to provide the easiest, serial and economic transportation to domestic and international lines.

In project scope;
362 m. level crossing
831 m. Viaduct
100 m. DTM Station (Over Viaduct)
236 m. Open-close tunnel
300 m. Drilling tunnel
105 m. It was built as airport station.

13 2002 20 2002 2 4 3 36.000 15 10 25 The official opening of the Prime Minister Abdullah GÜL was held. The new XNUMX station has a total of XNUMX escalators and XNUMX handicapped lifts. Our XNUMX passenger / hour / direction passenger light metro line cost XNUMX million $ Construction Works, XNUMX million $ Electromechanical Facilities Manufacturing, Assembly and Fine Construction Works totaling $ XNUMX.

first in Turkey; 8 pieces of rail expansion joint was installed in order to protect the railway under the effects of thermal change and earthquake.

This project was financed by the resources of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Source: IMM

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