Bus Driver in Kocaeli Delivered 6 Thousand TL to the Owner

Bus Driver In Kocaeli Delivered 6 Thousand TL To Its Owner

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark bus driver Hasan Aliş found and handed over the wallet of a citizen who came to Kocaeli from Bursa as a guest, which is 6 thousand TL. While the citizen who bought the wallet was bursting with tears with joy, the image and sound recording reflected on the camera in the vehicle said, “God bless you, thank you very much for delivering my wallet to me completely. He was heard that he said, “Thank you very much to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for delivering my lost wallet to me safely”.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark bus driver Hasan Aliş was on the line 265 Bus Station - Maşukiye. During the end of the trip, the driver who came to the last stop noticed that there was a wallet on the seat during a routine vehicle check after stopping his vehicle. He then immediately followed the lost property procedures. The driver who contacted the shift supervisor was asked what was in the wallet for confirmation. Checking the driver, Aliş, told the shift supervisor that there was 6 TL in the wallet, driving license, ID and credit cards.


When the passenger who dropped his wallet on the bus realized that he did not have a wallet, he immediately contacted 153 Metropolitan Call Center. 153, on the other hand, contacted the TransportationPark shift supervisor immediately after creating a record. As a result of mutual confirmation, the number of the citizen who lost his wallet was obtained and the driver and the personnel determined a point on the route.


The location information was given to the driver to deliver the wallet. Later, the driver Hasan Aliş handed over the wallet to the owner at the Köseköy İstasyon Mahallesi stop. The citizen, who received the wallet, tried to give 200 TL to the driver because he found his wallet. But the citizen was surprised at the answer from the driver. The driver asked the citizen to check his wallet, saying that this is my duty, we are here to ensure your safety and transportation. While the citizen thanked the driver again and again, he burst into tears with joy. To the citizen driver; “God bless you, thank you very much for handing me my wallet in full. I also thank Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for delivering my lost wallet to me safely ”.


Driver Hasan Aliş expressed that he was very happy with the meaningful move he made. We were educated about how to experience such events before hiring and what we can do in such situations. I also fulfilled my duty of humanity, citizenship. Whoever was in my place would do the same. All my fellow drivers would do the same thing as I do. "As the TransportationPark family, it is our duty not only to take our passengers from one place to another, but to help them when they experience such events, their safety and our main duty."


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