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The social network, which is used by millions of people every day with 300 million active users, has changed shape since the establishment of Instagram and started to be preferred in different areas. Individual only [more…]

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White Wagon Removed for Masjid

CHP İzmir Deputy Kani Beko claimed that the "White Wagon" used by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his domestic trips was removed from Alsancak Station in order to open the way to the mosque in the region. [more…]


Who is Ayşegül Aldinç?

Ayşegül Aldinç (born September 28, 1957 in Istanbul), Turkish singer, actress. She is the daughter of journalist and sports writer Orhan Aldinç and her art teacher Süheyla Aldinç. Father's side [more…]


Who is Aydan Şener?

Memnune Aydan Şener (d. March 1, 1963, Kilis), Turkish actress and former model, 1981 Nice to Turkey. Life and career He was born in Kilis in 1963. When i was a year old [more…]