obstacles will be removed by virtue
06 Ankara

Obstacles Will Be Removed With 'ERDEM'

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the elderly, pregnant women and strollers, especially the disabled, can use their living spaces without barriers and Accessibility Assessment, which can be used by all institutions. [more…]

who is levent kirca

Who is Levent Kırca?

Zeki Levent Kırca (September 28, 1950, Ladik, Samsun - October 12, 2015, Istanbul), Turkish comedian, theater and film actor. Aydınlık Newspaper writer and Vatan Party's [more…]

Who is avni dilligil

Who is Avni Dilligil?

Avni Dilligil (January 1, 1908, Haifa - May 21, 1971, Istanbul), Turkish actor and director. Avni Dilligil was born in the city of Haifa in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. Edirne [more…]

Who is aliye rona

Who is Aliye Rona?

Aliye Dilligil Rona (1921 - 29 August 1996), Turkish cinema and theater actor. He has played numerous character roles, especially tough Anatolian women. Life of Syria in 1921 [more…]