How about Traveling between Toronto and Montreal in a Pod?

How about Traveling between Toronto and Montreal in a Pod? :Canadian startup TransPod is planning to make Hyperloop travel between Toronto and Montreal possible in around 45 minutes, with stops in Kingston or Ottawa “if there’s a proven economic demand”.

The Hyperloop high speed transportation system uses electric propulsion to accelerate capsules through a tube in a low pressure environment. The autonomous capsules levitate slightly above the track and glide at very high speed over long distances. They are capable of reaching a top speed of 1,300 km/h.

An economy class vehicle would carry twenty to thirty people, with a Business Class pod carrying ten. The system could move 1,000 passengers an hour in each direction and could possibly transport also cargo.

As a matter of fact, according to what TransPod Director of Communications Dianna Lai Read reportedly told Mobility Buzz on 15 March 2017, the innovative system would be used to transport goods and freight at first.

The company Website states: “We’re building Hyperloop for both the passenger and cargo transportation markets, with a focus on countries that have aging infrastructure, high-density populations, and a need for transportation innovation. TransPod’s target market is the one-trillion-plus dollar global transportation sector with a first major project in Canada to connect metropolitan areas such as Toronto-Montreal.”

Founded in September 2015 as Hyperloop Toronto, TransPod initially stared up as an engineering team from the University of Toronto. Only one year later, in September 2016, the company was already showcasing its Hyperloop system at InnoTrans, the world’s biggest railway technology trade fair which is held in Berlin (Germany) every two years.

“We have either the choice to stay where we are and do nothing – and stay behind – or take the lead, and we have the ability in Canada to do it,” Founder and CEO Sebastien Gendron told Global News.

The current goal for TransPod is to have a working model by 2020. Eventually, according to Co-Founder & CTO Ryan Janzen, the plan would be to connect all of Canada’s major cities, allowing people to travel at high speed. TransPod would also expand into developing economies such as Asia and the Middle East.

On 15 March 2017 TransPod announced the recent opening of three offices to support global growth and accelerate the development of a commercially viable Hyperloop system by 2020. Located in Toronto (Canada), Bari (Italy) and Toulouse (France), TransPod’s operations have expanded to facilitate advanced research and development with partners and experts, while leveraging the high-technology, engineering, railway, and aerospace talent pool in those regions.

“As TransPod enters the industrial phase of full system development, the expansion of our presence in these countries was a logical step in our growth strategy,” said Sebastien Gendron. He added: “The future of hyperloop will be its ability to virtually shrink distances and create a much more interconnected economy and true global community.”

Writer: John Carlo Ottaviani

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