Sydney to Melbourne in 55 Minutes with Hyperloop Technology

Sydney to Melbourne in 55 Minutes with Hyperloop Technology :A report recently issued by the Australian Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities indicates that Hyperloop is to be considered as a genuine alternative to High Speed Rail (HSR), as it would allow passengers to travel along the East Coast between Sydney and Melbourne in 55 minutes. The same trip currently requires 90 minutes by plane, 9.5 hours by car and 12 hours by train.

Ultraspeed Australia Director Sean Duggan, representing California-based Hyperloop One, stated that Hyperloop technology could create a network of “30-minute cities”. The “30-minute city” concept was an important concept in Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s election campaign. Implementation of this concept would allow passengers to commute to work, school etc. within 30 minutes.

A committee chaired by Member of Parliament John Alexander recommends that the Australian government invites proposals for a high speed link between Sydney and Melbourne. High speed technology between the two cities would be used to decentralize urban population and make cheaper housing available.

The issued report also urges the government to monitor and assess the feasibility of Hyperloop.

Hyperloop One Global Business Development Vice-President Alan James made the following statement in October 2016: “Melbourne to Sydney is the third busiest air corridor in the world and we can give you Melbourne downtown to Sydney downtown in 55 minutes.” According to Mr. James the company wants to develop the first section of the route in order to prove the technology and obtain regulatory approval.

Hyperloop One is a United States company formed to explore Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept.

The Hyperloop high speed transportation system uses electric propulsion to accelerate capsules through a tube in a low pressure environment. The autonomous capsules levitate slightly above the track and glide at very high speed over long distances. They are capable of reaching a top speed of 1,300 km/h.

Hyperloop One successfully tested its Hyperloop propulsion technology in 2016, in the Las Vegas desert.

On 8 January 2017 Hyperloop One released the 35 locations of the remaining Hyperloop One Global Challenge teams, carefully selected amongst 2,600 registrants from 100 different countries. The Sydney to Melbourne Hyperloop is one of the selected locations.

In the meantime a team of 30 Australian students, VicHyper, has been competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. The team, consisting entirely of students from Melbourne’s RMIT University, was selected among 1700 applicants to compete in the final test track runs in January 2017.

Writer: John Carlo Ottaviani

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