Middle East & Africa Rail Show 11-13 October 2017

The Only Exhibition For Railway Industry Of Egypt Bridging The Gap Between Afrıca and Middle East with Its Mega Investments: Middle East & Africa Rail Show: 11-13 October 2017

Having the capacity to provide a significant transportation network in the meeting location of Middle East and Africa, with a bundle of mega investment projects Egypt has recently proved that it exactly has what it takes to develop into the region’s railway and logistics hub.

On this point, to build a better railway and transportation sector, not only in Egypt but also in the region, equipped with a more improved know-how and latest technological innovation, Middle East & Africa Rail Show brings the globally leading companies of the railway industry with the most influential professionals and the other stakeholders in the transportation sector together.

The Middle East & Africa Rail Show, which will be organized by Expotim and Pyramids Fair in Egypt’s capital city Cairo on 11-13 October 2017, will be held under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport. Organized in such a way, the show is also expected to be able to respond to large-scale public transportation projects located at the heart of the country’s economic growth strategies.

New Investment Friendly Setting
In Egypt, where Africa’s first and the world’s second railway line was built in 1856, railway transportation has a long history. This first line connecting Cairo and Alexandria provided 209 km of transportation when it was built. Looking at the process up to today, it is seen that there is not enough investment in railway transportation in Egypt compared to road transport until today. With the new investment and projects made, the railway industry in Egypt is described as a sector open for improvement and having a great potential. Here are some of those new projects:

New Investments:

New Silk Road:
– Explanation: The People’s Republic of China’s mega project connecting 3 continents
– Investment / Value: $ 4/8 Trillion
– Benefit: It is expected to increase commercial productivity, cultural exchange, production and investments in the region.

High Speed Train Project:
– Explanation: Project planned to connect north and south of Egypt
– Investment / Value: $ 10 billion
– Benefit: With this line going through Cairo, the journey from the northernmost to the southernmost of the country will take only 10 hours.

Alexandria-Aswan Line:
– Explanation: The 900 km railway line project of the People’s Republic of China to be built between Alexandria and Aswan
– Investment / Value: $ 10 billion

Cairo Metro:
– Explanation: It is estimated that the construction of 6 metro lines being built in the capital city of Cairo will be completed in 2020.
– Benefit: It is expected to relieve the urban traffic significantly. With this project, the railway industry is located into an important position in the solution of urban traffic problem.

The Middle East & Africa Rail Show, to be organized by Expotim and Pyramids Fair, will be the largest piece of publicity and event to be held in the country to mobilize the sector and attract international investors to Egypt to share the latest innovations about the ‘know-how’ and new technologies of the railway transportation.

To find out more about this event, you may contact the organizers of the fair:

Expotim Int’l Fair Org. Inc. – 00 90 212 356 00 56 / info@expotim.com
Pyramids International Group – 00 202 262 33 190 / info@marailshow.com

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