Egis Rail is Awarded Two New Contracts for Lausanne Metro

Egis Rail is Awarded Two New Contracts for Lausanne Metro :Egis Rail has been awarded two contracts by the Swiss canton of Vaud for the M2 and M3 lines of Lausanne metro.

Métro automatique de Lausanne : deux nouveaux contrats pour Egis !

Today, the transport network in Lausanne is no longer able to absorb peak hour urban passenger flows, particularly on the M2 line.

The Axes Forts de Transports PUblics (AFTPU) project envisages:

*Increased capacity of line M2, with the addition of 6 km of new track and 14 stations
*The creation of a 4 km long M3 line with 7 stations, interoperable with the M2 line, connecting Lausanne station with La Blécherette (where the airport is located)

Egis and its partners will work on the project through two separate contracts:

1-The first contract is for Systems and has been awarded to the SyMeo group, comprising Egis and BG Ingénieurs Conseils.
2-The second contract is for Engineering Services and has been awarded to the BGE m2-m3 consortium, comprising BG Ingénieurs Conseils, Egis and GESTE Engineering.

The M2 line is expected to complete its phased migration plan by the end of 2023.

The new M3 line is expected to enter service by the end of 2025.

The automated two-car rolling stock for the M3 line will be supplied by Alstom, as already done for the M2 line. The Alstom type MP89 runs on rubber tyres and is capable of 60 Km/h.

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), Lausanne is the capital and biggest city of the canton of Vaud. It has 147,000 inhabitants, with the entire agglomeration area counting 420,000.

Writer: John Carlo Ottaviani

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