With Its New Name and Concept,The New-Generation Lighting Here In Led Lighting and Interior Electric Installation Exhibition

With Its New Name and Concept,The New-Generation Lighting Here In Led Lighting & Interior Electric Installation Exhibition :The International LED, Lighting and Interior Electric Installation Exhibition, the only meeting point of Turkey and its region in the field of LED technology that has brought the lighting industry into a new age, aims to meet with the people interested with its brand-new concept and content in the year of 2016.

Besides its new name and the changes made and due to its renewed rich content and extended area, totally different and more colourful sectoral meeting is targeted at the LED, Lighting and Interior Electric Installation Exhibition to be organized for the 12th time on 6-9 October 2016.

Due to the fact that the market share of LED products is gradually increasing and will reach a dimension to dominate the lighting market in the forthcoming period, we have changed the name of our exhibition from the previously used version ‘Led & Led Lighting’ to ‘Led & Lighting’.

Used in large scale lighting transformations by developed countries, especially the member countries of the EU, thanks to such qualities they have as superior performance, efficiency and environmental sensitivity, LEDs have started to gradually replace their old rivals incandescent and halogen lamps. As LEDs have left their marginal positions and become ‘usual’ in the lighting industry, we have preferred to revise the part of our exhibition’s name including the word ‘lighting’ from LED Lighting to just Lighting. Because, as Marmara Fair Organization, we believe that we are living the beginning of the time in which LED will come to mean lighting.

Unlike the organization of the year 2015 which covered only LED and LED product shows, the Led & Led Lighting Exhibition to be carried out on October 6th-9th, 2016 has been widened to include, in addition to LED products, all the interior wiring including such equipment as sockets, electric cables, circuit breakers etc. which are used to deliver the electric power coming to a building to lighting equipment from panels. With this extension of the product exhibition, Marmara Fair Organization aims to turn the exhibition into an entity that incorporates all LED and electric companies beginning from the bottom, rather than an organization in which only senior LED companies take place, by scaling up the industrial targets of the Led & Led Exhibition. With this move, Marmara Fair Organization aims to make an extension in order to incorporate the industry base regarding the Led & Lighting Exhibition it has been carrying out since 2007.

With its new name and renewed content, Led & Lighting Exhibition has started the preparations for 2016 in a way that is in accordance with the new year’s spirit.

Marmara Fair Organization has begun working for the International Led&Lighting Exhibition to be organized in 2016 without making any distinction between home and abroad, and already signed collaboration agreements with related associations, sectoral publications and similar exhibitions held abroad. In addition to these agreements, the team of Marmara Fair Organization is continuing its field works by participating in sectoral meetings such as congresses, symposiums and seminars as well as by taking the necessary steps to enhance the knowledge of the project team about the industry.

Aysu Ceren Özaydın
Corporate Communication and Marketing Specialist
Marmara Fair Organization
(+90)212 503 32 32 / pr@marmarafuar.com.tr


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