Oman Rail Project Still Going Ahead

Oman Rail Project Still Going Ahead :The Sultanate of Oman’s Railway Project is still on track despite the fact that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Railway Network Project was put on hold in May 2016, according to Oman Global Logistic Group (OGLG) Chief Commercial Officer John Lesniewski.
A meeting was organized on 24 August 2016 to introduce the new company, now in charge of the railway project, to the press. Oman Rail is now a subsidiary transportation company of OGLG, the government’s logistics group.

“Our engineers are still working on the rail project,” said Mr. Lesniewski. “It is a vital part of the logistics grid that the country will need to be successful.”

“Oman’s geography is considered one of the best locations for trade. We have three of the best ports in the world and we have a history of trading. So, making Oman a logistics hub will be beneficial to us and our investors as we would be able to connect the Middle East with the Far East” said Nabil Al Bimani, Logistics Strategy Executive Director.
Minister for Transport and Communications Office Director Mohammed Al Shuaili announced in May 2016 that the project had not been cancelled but put on hold. Tecnicas Reunidas had secured a project management consultancy contract in February 2016 for the 207 km Phase One but has seen the contract cancelled only a few months later in order to “avoid extra costs”.
The double track, non-electrified Oman Railway Project, designed to serve mixed freight and passenger traffic, would link all three major ports in the country: Sohar, Al Duqm and Salalah.

Writer: John Carlo Ottaviani

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