Longest suspended belt conveyor in the world (Video)

Longest suspended belt conveyor in the world :The world’s longest suspended belt conveyor (FlyingBelt) has started operation in Barroso, Brazil. The 7.2 kilometer-long belt conveyor ropeway transports material over obstacles such as difficult terrain, while sparing the environment.

Significantly fewer emissions, noise and traffic
The new FlyingBelt for a cement plant in southeastern Brazil moves material especially quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. The system transports about 1,500 tons of limestone per hour from the quarry to the factory – an output that would require over 40 trucks in that same time. Utilization of this technology significantly reduces road traffic while sparing the environment. The world’s longest aerial belt conveyor utilizes a single 14.4 kilometer-long rubber belt as well as 60,000 meters of rope and 25,000 rollers. The customer for this approx. 25 million euro project is the big Swiss-French concern LafargeHolcim, leader in the building materials industry.
Aerial belt conveyor system
The FlyingBelt is a ropeway with a trough-shaped belt conveyor that combines the advantages of current belt conveyors and ropeways alike, thus simply “flying” the material over every obstacle. This transport application, developed and patented by AGUDIO, is especially suited for difficult to navigate terrain as well as long and expensive distances. The Flyingbelt touches the ground in just a few spots and compared to conventional systems for material transportation on the ground, it is much moreenvironmentally friendly.. Installation is simple, rapid and cost-effective.


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