Italy two metro collided head-on at least 70 people were injured

Italy two metro collided head-on at least 70 people were injured :Capital of southern Italy, Sardinia, Cagliari take place on the 19th morning of two subway trains collided, killing at least 70 people were injured.

According to the Italian state television reported that the accident occurred near the outskirts of a subway station, when two trains carrying a total of at least 150 passengers.

As of press time reporter, at least 70 people have been injured and there was no danger, but when the two train drivers were taken to hospital serious injury.

It is involved in the rescue of firefighters describe, when two trains crashed head-on, the speed at between 30-40 km, which collided with a car in front slow down.

Ten a car carrying several students on the way to school. A man named Lorenzo student, said he was standing in the car, “crash bomb to the front after another fell to the ground, belly handrail crashed the car.” A lot of people lying on the ground, some people fall when facial injuries.

According to local media reports, the regulatory authorities have been investigating the cause of the accident. Region of Sardinia transport company ARST director Giovanni Cagliari believes the accident “is definitely human error” caused.


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