Cowi wins major contracts on Femern

Cowi wins major contracts on Femern :COWI wins major contracts on the record-breaking tunnel project linking Denmark and Germany. It will be the longest immersed tunnel in the world and the largest infrastructure project in Denmark’s history.

​On Friday 4th March 2016 a majority in the Danish Parliament agreed to proceed with the contract award of the Femern Link Civils Works and only hours later Femern A/S appointed the winning teams.

Working as a designer for the wining Contractor Consortium, Femern Link Contractors, COWI will design the 18 kilometer immersed tunnel, adjoining ramps and portals package, approach bridges and dams, tollbooths and administration buildings.

The tunnel will set new standards being the longest immersed tunnel in the world and the largest infrastructure project in Denmark’s history.

“This is fantastic for COWI. The Femern project is a visionary project that will post high demands for the teams involved. We are proud to be appointed consultant for the major part of the project and look forward to design the world’s longest immersed tunnel. Undertaking key contracts on this historical infrastructure project emphasizes our position as a leading global consultant in tunneling and railways,” says Lars Hauge, Regional Vice President in Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures in COWI.
Close collaboration paved the way

COWI draws on decades of experience with major infrastructure links. Both the Great Belt Link and the Oresund Link in Denmark were designed by COWI, and Femern will complete the set of major fixed links in Denmark, enabling an unbroken connection from the northern part of Scandinavia to the southern part of Europe.

COWI expects to deploy 120-140 skilled engineers for a period of up to three years.

“This success is the result of close collaboration with Femern Link Contractors, working together to develop a winning solution. COWI has been able to mobilise staff from its offices around the world to bring the right competences to the tender design and the team is extremely proud to be the designer for the FLC Consortium in the project’s execution phase,” says Jotham Vizard, Senior Vice President for Tunnels in COWI.

The Femern Link is expected to open for traffic around 2028 and the project cost is presently estimated to 52,6 billion DKK.

COWI’s success reaches further than just the tunnel and adjoining portal and ramps package. Last week COWI was part of teams announced as preferred bidder on three packages soil and drainage works of the Ringsted-Rødby railway planned to connect to the Femern Link.
The contracts are conditional and final signing is expected to take place in May, with initiation of the design activities linked to the German Approval process.

In addition to the Civil Works contracts, COWI is also participating in the bid for the Femern Link MEP contract which is not expected to be


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