China Standard High Speed Train Enters Service

China Standard High Speed Train Enters Service :China Railway Corporation announced on 15 August 2016 that its new model Electric Multiple Units (EMU) officially started operation when train no. G8041 departed from the port city of Dalian for its inaugural trip towards Shenyang, capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

CRC Head of Technological Management Train Zhou Li stated that train no. G8041 was the first passenger service using “China Standard” EMU trains, in the sense that the passenger train had been built according to a technology standard developed and patented in China. Mr. Zhou added: “China independently owns the design of the EMU, and it will be a leading model for China to export to the world.”
The China Standard EMU uses the latest exterior design, reduces energy consumption and adopts a standard parts design. Safety aspects have also been perfected when compared with older models. The High Speed Rail (HSR) trains can reach a top speed of 350 kph.
According to official Chinese press agencies for years China has used technology from foreign train manufacturers to develop HSR trains. Chinese train manufacturers had to form joint ventures that relied on licenses on intellectual property rights to utilize foreign technology. As a result, Chinese HSR trains were built according to different technology standards, incompatible with each other.

The new Chinese standard has been jointly developed by CRC, by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation and by the research institute China Academy of Railway Sciences.

According to Mr. Zhou the new train “will become the main train model exported by China in the future.”

China has the world’s longest HSR network with over 19,000 km of track in service as of January 2016, which is more than the rest of the world’s HSR tracks combined. A network length of 30,000 km is targeted for 2020.


Writer: John Carlo Ottaviani

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