Ankara High Speed Train Station

Ankara High Speed Train Station :In Turkey, getting back again to railways in transport after half century, more than hundred projects have been put into practice since 2003 with the investment allocations ensured more than ever before. Ankara-centered core high speed railway projects started to be taken into operation since 2009 come foremost among these.

Turkey, starting the high speed railway operations with the lines of Ankara-EskiÅŸehir in 2009, Ankara-Konya in 2011, Konya-EskiÅŸehir in 2013 and Ankara-Ä°stanbul and Konya-Ä°stanbul in 2014 respectively, has become the 8th country operating high speed trains in the world and the 6th country in Europe.

In addition to these, the construction works are still going on Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Ä°zmir high speed railway lines and Bursa-Bilecik and Konya Konya-Karaman rapid railway lines.

Increasing passenger numbers and changing needs make HST Station essential.
Owing to the introduction of the high speed railway technologies in our country correlatively with the application in the country and the increase accompanied by the change in passenger circulation and needs, a necessity for the construction of HST stations has occurred.

With the gradual commissioning of the high speed railways, it is decided to build Ankara HST station as the existing Ankara Grand Station, built in the first years of the Republic era, cannot meet the needs in terms of areal capacity and size.

In compliance with the Target 2023 of Turkey aiming to lay 3.500 km high speed line and 8.500 km rapid line, the construction of the HST Station was started on the south side of the current Ankara Grand Station in 2014.

Ankara HST Station, constructed through Build-Operate-Transfer Model, will provide service to 20 thousands people at the first stage and 50 thousand people per day in the forthcoming stages.

The old station is preserved while a new HST station is being constructed.

The current station building and the surrounding facilities are preserved with a historically sensitive approach while the new HST station is being constructed. It has been re-structured as a new attraction center with a functional planning.

The place of the current Ankara Grand Station, having an impression in our history, ballads, poems and memories, is kept untouched.

Modern and Traditional Style Combined

A project symbolizing the dynamism of the city and representing today’s architectural perception is developed for the new HST Station that is planned by considering the national and international standards and analyzing the structure, settlement, utilization and operation types of the high speed train stations in other countries.

It will be new attraction center of Ankara.

New HST Station will be the center of not only transportation but also social and cultural life for both the residents of Ankara and passengers by providing service with the shops, offices, cinema, multi-purpose saloons, fast food stores and cafes.

A project integrated with ANKARAY, Metro and BASKENTRAY…

New HST Station to be connected with two underground and one ground passageways will also be the center of rail system in Ankara with its connections to ANKARAY, Batıkent Metro, BASKENTRAY, Sincan Metro, Keçiören Metro and Airport Metro.

By these means, the easy access of the passengers and residents to the transport facilities will be ensured.

Technical Specifications of High Speed Train Station

New HST Station, with a height of 30 meter and a closed are of 178.000 m2, consists 8 floors including the basements, 3 platforms and 6 high speed lines.

As the concrete expression of the modernism in transport, the new HST Station that has such facilities as hotel, offices, shopping center, restaurants, parking lots and garages where the passengers can meet all their needs is planned as convenient for needs of the disabled people by using the latest technology.

It will be completed in two years.

The new HST Station, tendered via BOT model, will be completed in two years and operated by the contractor firm for a period of 19 years and 7 month. The passenger transportation and high speed train operations will be carried out by TCDD.

Ankara HST Station will be transferred to TCDD at the end of the operation period of 19 years and 7 months.


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