Alstom will contribute to the signalling upgrading of a regional line in Italy

Alstom will contribute to the signalling upgrading of a regional line in Italy :Alstom, as the leader of a consortium [1], has been commissioned by the Italian railway network (Gruppo FS) to upgrade the Milano Centrale-Milano Smistamento–Monza–Chiasso line.

Alstom’s share of this contract is worth €21 million [2]. The company will install Atlas 200 its ERTMS [3] level 2 solution, including its latest-generation, multi-station, computerised interlocking system, Alstom’s Smartlock 400 GP system on the 51 km line.

The line forms part of corridor A (Genoa-Rotterdam) of the European network interoperable corridors, and will be the first non-high-speed railway line in Italy to be entirely managed by a level 2 ERTMS system.

“As a result of the project, which includes the installation of a new-generation product, the line’s already high level of safety will be further increased,” declared David Cannafoglia, Vice President Alstom TIS South Europe and Director of the Bologna site. “Furthermore, the ERTMS-2 system, which is being implemented on conventional lines for the first time in Italy, will facilitate the work of train drivers. Traffic management on the whole line will be easier and more efficient for the operational centre.”

The project, which will take two-and-a-half years to be completed, will allow the operator to manage the circulation of trains safely and in accordance with the latest regulations governing computerised interlocking systems. Passengers will not only benefit from the greater safety, but also from the greater punctuality of the trains. The project will be managed by Alstom’s Italian sites: the centre of excellence in Bologna and the R&D centre in Bari, which will collaborate with Charleroi site in Belgium.

SmartLock 400 GP
Smartlock 400 GP is a latest-generation computerised interlocking system that reduces operating costs by completely automating routing and providing direct links to station services such as passenger information systems. The fully integrated train localisation system, direct interfaces with points machines and signals (without the need for traditional relays), and remote diagnostics help to reduce maintenance costs. The system’s modular architecture and numerous final configurations allow simplified installation.

[1] M Pavani Segnalamento Ferroviario Srl; Bitfox Srl; Ricci Spa; Elettri-fer Srl; Politecnica Ingegneria ed Architettura Società Cooperativa

[2] The total value of the contract is €34 million

[3] European Traffic Management System


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