Sentosa Express monorail

Sentosa Express monorail :Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Lee Yi Shyan says the design of the power line on the Sentosa monorail has been improved since the breakdown which trapped about 60 people.

SINGAPORE: Sentosa Leisure Management (SLM) has improved the design of the Sentosa Express monorail system’s power line following a breakdown in December 2014, said Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Lee Yi Shyan in Parliament on Thursday (Jan 29).

SLM, which handles the day-to-day operations on Sentosa, has also revised an instruction manual for the monorail system. This was done with the monorail’s original equipment manufacturer, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Mr Lee had been asked by MP Baey Yam Keng, about an incident last December, when about 60 people were stranded on the Sentosa monorail for four hours. He asked what could be done to prevent such an incident from reoccurring.

The incident occurred because a power line that is semi-embedded along the track to supply power became “slightly dislodged” on one side of the terminal, said Mr Lee. When a first train moved off, it got entangled on the power line, causing damage to the train, but it was the second train which was carrying 61 passengers that was stranded.

That is because a “swinging arm” on the monorail – which typically needs to have contact with the power line to move – was dislocated. Mr Lee said another train was sent to rescue passengers, and in the first hour, all passengers were moved to this train. However, this train did not have enough power to “decouple” from the stranded train as it was on a slope.

A series of reenactments and studies conducted later found that the rescue train could have moved off if a gear different from the one recommended in the instruction manual had been used.

Mr Lee said apart from revising the manual, the design of the power line at both ends of the station has been improved to ensure that even if the power line weakens over time, it will not protrude to cause damage.

“They have taken reasonable steps to prevent such accidents from happening and monorails all over the world don’t have – unlike MRTs – tunnels and evacuation routes or railing or steps on the side,” he said. “With its kind of design and passenger load and slow speed, we are reasonably confident that such an incident will not happen in future.

Sentosa Express monorail

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