Samsun Kalin Tender Result – Turkey

Samsun Kalin Tender Result :Samsun Kalin Railway Line tender dosiers had been openned on 20.01.2015 in Ankara TCDD. Here are the unofficial results:

1-Çelikler + Gülermak + AZD Praha EUR 258.799.875,27
2-Doğuş + GCF+ Ansaldo EUR 291.450.000,00
3-Yapı Merkezi + Mön EUR 296.210.262,78
4-Salini + Kolin EUR 296.600.000,00
5-Comsa + Metgün + Polat+ Thales EUR 298.928.612,88
6-Mapa + Tecnimont + Assignia EUR 318.551.000,00
7-Alarko + Siemens + Makyol EUR 338.294.832,61
8-Cengiz + Vianini + Impresa EUR 339.628.005,98
9-Taşyapı not valid


There are 47 tunnels and 8 avalanche gallery on the railway line. Total length of tunnels is 7259 m, the longest tunnel (tunnel no. 20) measures 556 m. Geometry and tunnel design follows geotechnical and static requirements. The typical tunnel cross section on the railway line represents the common construction technique during the

steam era at railways in the last century, when the line was built.

The official results will be announced by CFCU


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