Samsun-Kalın line contract sıgned | Turkey

Samsun-Kalın line contract sıgned :Ministry of transport, maritime affairs and communications Feridun Bilgin said that this project has the biggest amount out of European Union borders. Fort his Project Turkey also supply 39 million Euro. Minister Bilgin added that this line is the first line after Turkey bacame republic. Project found support from European Union 220 million Euro.

This is the third project between Turkey and European Union. First was Köseköy-Gebze line and the second was Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak line.
Project’s win tenders are Çelikler, Gülermak from Turkey and AZD from Czech Republic.

Project contents infrastructure, superstructure and signalisation expecting that it will finish late 2017.

Turkish State Railways general director Ömer Yıldız explained, after this project the speed of passenger train will increase 40 km/h to 80km/h and journey time between Samsun and Sivas decrease 9,5 hours to 5 hours. Also capacity of line will be 54 trains.

End of the speech minister Yıldız said stations will construct appropriately for disabled people. After the speech Samsun-Kalın line project signed between Minister Yıldız and Bela Szombati from European Union.


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