Next Decate of Turkish Railway Sector

Next Decate of Turkish Railway Sector :Global Opportunities: Turkey has a long way to go when it comes to ongoing improvements to railway infrastructure and rolling stock to open up new opportunities. TCDD (Turkish State Railways) has announced its plans for the renewal of the railway industry over the next 9 years.

They are planning to step forward towards privatization by opening 50% of the organization to the private sector.
They intend to increase the number of passengers carried by 10% and the amount of freight transported by 15%.
They will complete projects like Marmaray (700million passengers per year), BaskentRay (a 36km line), EgeRay (79km), and GaziRay.

Apart from the track installations for these 4 main cities (Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Gaziantep), the projects will include restoration of some stations, electrifying more lines and adding new signaling on existing tracks. The table below shows the percentages of the tracks with and without electrification and signaling.

Within these 9 years it is planned to lay 3,500km of high speed railway tracks, 8,500km of normal railway tracks and 1,000km of conventional railway tracks.

urkey’s advantageous geographical location, which provides easy access to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, allows the country to function as a hub for over USD 2 trillion worth of freight carried in the region. Turkey’s current logistics industry size is estimated to be USD 80-100 billion and is forecast to reach USD 108-140 billion by 2017. (

The infrastructure sector is in general a good opportunity, especially for companies in such sectors as construction, rolling stock and electrical/civil engineering contracting. As the projects are only now going live and will have long run times, this is a long-term business opportunity. The Turkish Government is contributing financial support towards projects in transportation and construction sectors, and this could be beneficial for Swiss SMEs.

With the country’s ever-increasing demand for energy, Turkey’s energy sector continues to present huge opportunities. Switzerland-based Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, has acquired a 30 percent stake in Turkish STFA Group’s energy subsidiary, Enerya. The remainder of the Enerya shares will be owned by the Turkish side. (Sabah News 05.09.2014)

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge – North Marmara Highway Project: The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, often referred to as the third Bosphorus bridge, will link Istanbul’s European and Asian sides and will have the distinction of being the world’s widest and longest combined road and rail bridge. Under construction since May, the bridge is part of the North Marmara Highway project, stretching from Adapazari, Sakarya to Tekirdag. Once opened in 2015, the USD 4.5 billion project will ease the burden on the existing two bridges and will provide a transit passage for freight transportation by lifting the traffic load in the busy city center.

Canal Istanbul Project: An artificial sea-level waterway to run parallel to the Istanbul Strait—the Bosphorus—connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. 47 kilometers in length and 150 meters wide, Canal Istanbul will provide relief to shipping traffic, particularly oil tankers, passing through the Bosphorus. The canal will be able to handle 160 vessels a day and is expected to bring in USD 8 billion a year. The estimated cost of the project, slated to be completed by the 2023 centennial of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, is about USD 5.5 billion.

Third Airport Project in Istanbul: The third Istanbul airport, currently under construction in the northwestern section of Istanbul’s European side, is set to be the largest in the world in terms of passenger capacity. Slated to be fully complete by 2018, the giant 150 million passenger capacity air terminal will underscore Istanbul’s growing reputation as a global air travel hub. The airport will be connected to the third bridge over the Istanbul strait via the North Marmara Highway.



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