Lighting Changes in the Rolling Stock

Lighting Changes in the Rolling Stock :In today’s technology, the prominence of LED lighting is incredibly changing in the lighting industry; it is and will be becoming more and more involved in each area of our lives each day. The innovation in this area has been the replacement of the fluorescent lighting, which was and is still being used in the Rolling Stock, by the LED lighting.


The rolling stock has a long service life with high investment costs. Their service lives may extend to 30 years. With the correct and regular maintenance works, it can be observed they have a service life even longer than 30 years.

Considering the worldwide trends, it can be seen Fluorescent Lighting technology is used as internal lighting particularly in the rolling stock for the urban services (Trams, High Floor Light Rail Vehicles, Metro Vehicles). The said vehicles are still being used and the Fluorescent lighting technology of the past was applied to their lighting system. In today’s Lighting technology, LED lighting systems also offer solutions in this area. The fluorescent lighting fixtures are replaced with LED lighting fixtures.

The said transformation has started particularly in the rolling stock of the European countries and the related advantages became prominent following a few pilot schemes.
Considering the advantages experienced by the latest users, it was seen the system paid for itself within 2-3 years. In addition to the reduced energy costs, the replacement of electrical ballasts with frequent faults was avoided. The relevant maintenance costs were reduced as well.

The environmentally friendly tubes provide additional advantages in terms of comfort as they provide a healthier level of lighting within the vehicle. The illumination level quality together with the even distribution of the light inside the vehicle under different outside ambient conditions (Day-Night) is another positive feature of the system.

The operator companies of the rolling stock providing urban services today in our country must start implementing such applications as soon as it is possible and they must also consider the relevant cost reducing measures.


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