Forum Of Rail Transport

FORUM OF RAIL TRANSPORT :Conference subjects:Development of railway transport in European Union, long-term strategy and main directions of the program integrated infrastructure 2014 – 2020

Crossboarder interconnections and high-speed railways in EU
Interoperability and its aplication reality
Integration of public transport in cities and regions
Conference objectives:
Forum of Rail Transport invites 11th time professionals to meet and discuss about current state, technical development, forecasts and strategy of the railway and other types of rail transport within the economy policy of the Slovak Republic in context with EU strategy.
This internationally recognized conference will welcome again important representatives of the european institutions, government, state and private rail operators, city transport companies, representatives of research and development institutions and technical universities, construction and design companies, producers of transport vehicles, machinery and materials and many other experts from transport sector. Organizer expects approximately 250 attendants from Slovakia and other countries
Aim of the Forum of Rail Transport is to provide opportunity for information, discussion and expert opinions and experience exchange in area of railway and city rail transport. It is also place for confrontation and searching for solutions for the needs of cities, villages, regions, about integration and crossboarder coordination. Information of current state and tendency of this mean of transport development abroad, especially in EU is one of the topics for further development and ambitions for rail transport development in Slovakia.
Organiser of the conference, Slovak Railways and REMING CONSULT a.s. would like to invite participants of the forum to take part at the gala evening, where laureates and the winner of the 5th prestigous award Personality of railway and urban rail transport in Slovakia 2015 will be announced.


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