Feasibility study on railway line from Cairo to Luxor iş started

Feasibility study on railway line from Cairo to Luxor iş started :The public engineering company, Ineco, has begun a viability study on the construction of a high-speed railway line between the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Luxor, a stretch of more than 600 kilometres in length.

The Spanish engineers at Ineco are already carrying out surveys to ascertain the possibilities of establishing a rail link between the Egyptian capital and one of the principal tourist cities in the country, following a visit made several months ago to Cairo by the president of the company Jesús Silva, to meet the minister of Transport Hany Sayed, and other members of the Egyptian Government responsible for infrastructures.

It was then that Ineco placed its experience in high-speed and conventional railway transport at the disposition of the Egyptian authorities who are endeavouring to update the railway network in their country which is the most extensive in the Near East with some 7.000 kilometres of track.

Following his visit, Silva declared that the company was at the stage of compiling information, studying demand, traffic, the demographic evolution and the operational methods; via a concession, an independent company or direct management by the Egyptian Government. He also said that guidelines for the route had to be drawn up in addition to the estimated expenditure figures and a start made on the consortium responsible for the construction.

The project forms part of a plan to modernise the Egyptian rail network

Although there are certain preliminary results, it is estimated that the definitive ones will be available in the middle of next year.

China was awarded the contract for the feasibility study for the high-speed rail link between Alexandria and Cairo in December last year.

The total cost of the two stretches, according to the Egyptian authorities, is estimated at some 10.000 million dollars and the train speeds should reach some 350 kilometres an hour, so that the distance between Alexandria and Luxor, which is around 900 kilometres, could be covered in three hours.


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