EuroRail Transit Summit

EuroRail Transit Summit :Rail transport in Europe is characterized by its diversity, both technical and infrastructural. Rail networks in Western and Central Europe are often well maintained and well developed, whilst Eastern and Southern Europe often have less coverage and infrastructure problems.

Electrified railway networks operate at a plethora of different voltages AC and DC varying from 750 to 25,000 volts, and signaling systems vary from country to country, hindering cross-border traffic. Europe has well developed High Speed as well as Metro System.

With Europe having 334 projects scheduled for the next 5 years, BE Summits Pvt Ltd uses the opportunity to produce one of the most asked for Conference in the European Region called the “Euro Rail Transit Summit” which is to be held in Paris, France on April 15th and 16th 2015.

At this exclusive high profile gathering you will see the likes of up-to 120 Key Decision-Makers, all under 1 roof. The Key Decision Makers will comprise of Experts from Ministries, Government Bodies, Solution Providers and Research Institutes. This is an amazing platform to know about the latest technologies in Railways Industries ie. Signalling and Telecommunications, Track Maintenance Technologies, High Speed Rail Case Studies, Accident/Derailment Prevention Softwares, IT in Railways etc. Ministry Experts will be discussing details on the future projects, requirements and Tenders details which gives a clear idea to the Solution Providers to discuss on Multi Million Dollar deals.

The Solution Providers can look forward to Speaking/Exhibit or both about their Products/Services in front all the 120 Decision Makers which will give Extensive Visibility for your product. Exhibition will give the solution providers valuable time in terms of discussion Project and Tender Details with Ministry Officials and other Delegates on 1 to 1 basis.

A Conference like this which has Extensive Pre-Qualified Delegates in the panel, this is the platform a solution providing company would not want to miss out. With Railway Project Deals waiting to happen, This is the platform for solution providers to get a Faster Return on their Investments.

EuroRail Transit Summut Program



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