Committee to look into Mashaer train problems

Committee to look into Mashaer train problems :Deputy Governor of Makkah Region Development Dr. Hisham Al-Faleh said a committee is to be formed to investigate and study the reasons behind the delay of the Mashaer train during this past Haj season.

He also said a new transport system would be developed in Makkah to divide the movement of buses and cars inside the city.

Dr. Al-Faleh said Al-Mashaer, Arabic for holy sites, is very much the concern of the leadership and is constantly being developed to ease services to Haj pilgrims especially at camps in Arafat. He revealed a specialized study concerning pilgrims by the people of Makkah.

He said that the Makkah Governorate is starting a campaign to end what is called haphazard development. He added that eight years ago the emirate launched a campaign on the religiosity of Haj under the direction of Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and it achieved success; and they are looking to additional successes in the coming years.

He said the cranes will be removed from the Haram Mosque after the project to increase the capacity of the holy places has been completed.

Dr. Al-Faleh reiterated that a committee has been ordered to look into the reasons behind the delay of the Mashaer train. He added the delay was simple and its remedy was found in 20 minutes under the supervision of the Minister of Municipalities and Rural Affairs. He said there are always back-up plans during each Haj season.

He said the “doors of development” of the Haj are always open and the issue doesn’t stop. He said the preparatory Haj committee wants to receive new ideas and recommendations, and even from the pilgrims themselves who experience first-hand the Haj. All this will help to put forward a continuous total Haj system.
Dr. Al-Faleh said that there is an in-depth study on the Haj at the Ministry of Haj which will be sent to the Central Haj Committee and in turn will be passed to the Supreme Haj Committee for the appropriate decision to be taken. He said there should be a “special Haj” for the people of Makkah and he hoped this would see the light of the day, adding the preparations for the next Haj have already begun.

He concluded that there must be greater awareness on the part of pilgrims in their own countries. This can be done in coordination with the Makkah Governorate who are presently studying how the awareness drive should take place and be implemented in their respective countries.


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