Workers in high speed train manufacturer Siemens are restless

Workers in high speed train manufacturer Siemens are restless :The workers of Siemens are restless after it is announced that this major company of Germany will possibly be downsizing.

On the other hand, after the French firm Alstom, which is a company that builds power plants and manufactures trains and tramways, has announced they will leave Germany, the workers in Krefeld are now out on the street.

About 3000 workers of Siemens, among which 400 are Turkish workers, have protested the decision. The trade-in discussions that was ongoing between Alstom and Siemens for some time was already disturbing the unions. And after all this, when Siemens Management Committee announced that they will implement a savings programme of 1 billion Euros all the Siemens workers in Northern Rheine Westphalia are uprising.

In the protest meeting held by IG Metall Union in front of Krefeld Siemens thousands of workers from Siemens, unions, workers and political party representatives from surrounding cities have participated.

The representatives of the unions have criticized the Siemens management harshly and stating that about ten thousand workers throughout Germany will be laid off, they have declared that they will do their best to prevent this injustice against workers.

Krefeld Siemens Workers’ Representative Zekayi Demir, who has been working in Siemens for 42 years have stated that “up to this date everything was nice. Even now our work is at a good state. We are getting plenty of orders. However this year the firm is put on sale, claiming that the firm is losing money”.

Mr. Demir has stated that, if the firm is sold, many workers will be laid off. Mr. Demir, who has been the representative of workers for the last 30 years, has explained that the selling of the firm will affect the Turkish workers with short term contracts the most and especially those young people who just have completed their occupational education will become unemployed.

It is a well-known fact that Siemens has commercial relations with Turkey. As representatives of workers, Mr. Demir has explained that they have learned the Turkey will order 177 high speed trains and currently a 7 high speed train sets consisting of 100 wagons have been ordered.

Demir has explained that in the near future a commission from Turkey will come to Krefeld to sign the new contracts. Germany company Siemens had also sold seven high speed train sets to TCDD earlier. These sets cost 285 million Euros and Siemens is also responsible from technical maintenance of these train sets for a period of seven years.

Workers in high speed train manufacturer Siemens are restless

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