Train trips started between Zonguldak and Filyos ,at Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Train trips started between Zonguldak and Filyos ,at Black Sea Coast of Turkey :Because of the refurbishment works being conducted on the Zonguldak Karabük – Irmak railway all train trips had been cancelled for the last two years. As of today, operation has commenced on the line.

The works procured by Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, for the Zonguldak Karabük-Irmak Railway line, connecting the city of Zonguldak on the shores of Black Sea with Central Anatolia are now near the end. Within the scope of works ongoing for about two years, test run has been conducted recently, between Zonguldak and Filyos. After the test run, now this section is in operation with four train trips, running in the morning and late afternoon. The trains that will operate in this line will be semi high speed diesel vehicles which is a DM type wagon that will provide a comfortable ride for the passengers.

The first trip started from Zonguldak early at 06:10 in the morning. The train reached the Filyos station at 06:45 and then started the return trip back to the Zonguldak station at 07:00. Since the train trips were canceled for the last two years, the bus services had been very crowded and after a recent accident two people had lost their lives. After this terrible accident, citizens have protested the situation by closing the roads, but there was no development for a solution. Then meetings were held for train trips and as of today, trains started running between Filyos and Zonguldak with four train trips in week days and weekends.

Mr. Zülfikar Uçar and Erol Yol, two government employees working at the city center in Zonguldak, indicated that they are very excited today. They stated that “we missed the train trips so much and now it is back in service. I am so excited that I could not sleep the whole night, since this morning I will start commuting with the train. The train service in our country was brought about 80 years ago, thanks to our ancestors. Now we are really very happy, thanking to the representatives of Zonguldak in the Parliament, our governor, our Minister of Transportation and most of all to our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. May God bless them all. Really it is a great happiness and joy.” Mr. Erol Yol also thanked to all authorities that have managed this service.

Train trips started between Zonguldak and Filyos, at Black Sea Coast of Turkey

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