Train Brake Systems will be manufactured in Turkey

Train Brake Systems will be manufactured in Turkey :Since 1988 the composite brake shoe was imported with very high prices, because they were not manufactured in Turkey. With support from TÜBİTAK, now the whole component is manufactured locally

Since 1860, with steam engines being used in locomotives, cast iron brake shoes were used for braking the trains on railway lines. Since the middle of the 20th century composite brake shoes replaced the cast iron brake shoes. They were widely used for their light weight, low noise emission, no sparking, low wearing rates and long life characteristics. These were being imported to Turkey, because they were not manufactured in the country. With cooperation of TÜBİTAK MAM Materials Institute, TCDD, TÜLOMSAŞ and private sector, the project to manufacture them locally has been implemented. The project executer Dr. Mehmet Güneş has provided information on the system, saying that they are proud to manufacture these shoes locally, which can only be manufactured in a few countries over the world.

Mr. Güneş explained that the composite pads are being used with increasing demand since 90’s in the country and thanks to their superior characteristics they are used in almost all the trains in the country. He continued explaining that “Annual brake shoed demand of TCDD is about 300,000. 2023 objectives of Turkey also includes railway transit systems. Considering this fact, the demand for the brake shoe is expected to reach millions.”

Mr. Güneş has explained that the project for developing local composite brake systems took two years of planning and 3 years of R&D work and provided following information on this technology:

“Turkey could not manage to develop and manufacture these systems until recently. We have conducted many experiments, but could not succeed. However the recently developed locally manufactured composite brake shoes consists of twenty different materials. It is superior to exported systems with its 20% higher performance, life cycle up to six months, light weight, low noise and low cost. “

Mr. Güneş continued highlighting that, considering the market share of this product, it will also be possible to export these newly developed brake shoes.

Topuz: ”Brake System in European Standards ‘
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Topuz from Yıldız Technical University, who is one of the advisors of the project, has indicated that the project for developing our own composite brake system is of great importance.

Mr. Topuz explained that many components are used for composite brake systems, including various abrasives, lubricants and supporting elements and continued stating that “we now have a brake system manufactured in Turkey that is compatible with European Standards.

Train Brake Systems will be manufactured in Turkey


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