Thumbs-up to Metro fare hike

Kolkata :Thumbs-up to Metro fare hike .The rise in Metro fares on Wednesday had no effect on passenger count. The trains were as crowded as ever in spite of a hike of up to 200% – and this in a city where trams were set on fire in 1966 after a 1 paisa hike.

It proves that the USP of the Metro is speed and reliability and the fact that its base fare is still cheaper than a bus ride for the same distance.

No other mode of transport in Kolkata offers a 5km ride for Rs 5. It would cost Rs 5-8 on a bus and at least Rs 12 in an autorickshaw. Also, the journey is faster in the Metro.

By 5pm on Thursday, 3.95 lakh passengers had travelled in the Metro, 11,254 smart cards were recharged, and 883 new cards issued.

The fare revision is unlikely to lead to a Metro turnaround but there will be substantial reduction in loss, say officials.

On the day the revised fares took effect, TOI visited several Metro stations to gauge public sentiment in this price-sensitive city and found that Kolkata has come a long way from the tram burning days.

Thumbs-up to Metro fare hike

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