Test run has started in the longest ropeway system on earth | Bursa – Turkey (Photo Gallery)

Test run has started in the longest ropeway system on earth :The ropeway system being implemented in Bursa, Turkey, which will be the longest ropeway line on earth, is near completion of the trial run being conducted with sand bags. The test run is being conducted with 4 and 6 passenger cabins, with trips running at a headway of one minute, between Teferrüç and Kadıyayla.

In Bursa, located on south of the Sea or Marmara, in Turkey, the 4980 m long ropeway line will be running between Teferrüç-Kadıyayla-Sarıalan stations, and the test run period is almost near the end. It is declared that the trial run will be held starting in May, in this ropeway system. Ropeway had first started its services in Bursa in 1963, one of the first aerial systems carrying people and Mr. Okan Kalyan, member of the Executive Committee of Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. and who is closely following up the renovation and upgrading project for this ropeway which was redesigned from scratch has stated that “we are now in the final stage of this project, which will carry people from Bursa to Mount Uludağ. Fine works are being completed in the three station buildings. Brake tests, load tests with sand bags and station entrance and exit tests are being conducted for the ropeway system. We are obtaining the necessary approval and certificates from authorities, regarding reliability of the system. About 95% of the tests are completed up to this date. No problem has been encountered until now and I firmly consider that we may be able to commence passenger services in May”.

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Test run has started in the longest ropeway system on earth 1

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