Test Facilities in Eskişehir (Turkey) will serve for testing trains of Europe and Turkish Republics in Asia

Test Facilities in Eskişehir (Turkey) will serve for testing trains of Europe and Turkish Republics in Asia :It is planned to start the construction of the National Rail System Excellency Center in Eskişehir this year. These facilities will be used for train testing, not only locally, but also will serve for testing trains of Europe and Turkish Republics in Asia.

In a review made with Prof. Dr Ömer Mete Koçkar, the Principal of the Transportation Occupational School of Anadolu University in Eskişehir and Coordinator of the URAYSİM Project, spoke to the journalist of AA explaining that railway transportation is one of the major components of the transportation sector and while investments in railway entered a stagnant period in 1950’s, there has been a considerable increase in investments in this sectors in the last decade.

Mr. Koçkar explained that while various High Speed Train projects are being implemented, work is ongoing to increase the share of railway transportation and continued stating “by 2023 our high speed train lines will reach a length of 10,000 km. In addition another 4000 km of lines will be constructed as conventional train lines. Share of railway in transportation will increase in the near future, shifting the weight from highways to railways. Considering these developments, the idea of founding a center for railway sector came up, to contribute to this process of transformation. With this idea, the URAYSİM project was developed to establish a research and test center for railway systems, where R&D projects shall be conducted, new products developed, patented and existing systems upgraded.”

Mr. Koçkar explained that there are test centers for trains in France, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, England, China and USA and gave the news that “the groundbreaking will be this summer”.

He also explained that the URAYSİM project gave a start in September 2009 and that in 27th May 2010 it was decided to proceed with the establishment of a center, together with AU and Chamber of Industry of Eskişehir.
After preparation of the project and application with the Ministry of Development, our project was accepted in January 2012. Currently our budget is 157 million TL. Its cost is estimated to be 241 million TL. The campus for URAYSİM project will be named as the Behiç Erkin Campus. The university teachers that are planned to be participating in this project are continuing their Master Study and Doctorate study on railway systems abroad, one in USA, one in GB and 15-16 in Pardubice. There is considerable progress in planning for the center and we expect to have a groundbreaking in summer.
He also explained that studies on test tracks is completed and the design for the test tracks will be finalized soon.

It is planned to open the test center for operation in 2017.

Mr. Koçkar explained that different from similar facilities in Europe, this center will have three test tracks and continued “General Directorates for Investment in Infrastructure can start construction of the test tracks early next year. We will have a test track for testing high speed trains, which will be the first in Eerope. This track will be 48-52 km long, allowing testing trains moving at speeds up to 400 kph. Our second test track will allow testing the conventional passenger and freight trains, up to a speed of 180-200 kph. The third track will be reserved for testing urban railway rolling stock. The tender for test benches will be held within the next few months. The construction activities are planned to start by the end of 2014 and expected to end by 2017, commencing operation in URAYSİM in 2017. No similar test center exists in this region. It will contribute considerably to our economy. We expect to test trains from Europe and Turkish Republics in this center.

Mr. Koçkar also explained that Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, the Rector of AU is also very excited with this major project and is supporting it highly.

Test Facilities in Eskişehir (Turkey) will serve for testing trains of Europe and Turkish Republics in Asia

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